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All Challenges accepted

Catering To All Small Business Needs.

At Plas-Tech, we understand the challenges of early-stage startups and the uniqueness of small business needs. Purchasing expensive equipment to manufacture a product can stand in the way or your success. We have the equipment for production machining, tooling, prototyping and plastic injection molding, so let us take the pressure off the manufacturing process so you can focus on product design, product development and growing your business.

The benefits of outsourcing are many and can include more effective budget management, innovation flexibility and ultimately allow you to-go-to-market faster. Additionally, we offer assistance using our expertise from sources such as engineers, supply chain managers, purchasing professionals and existing procurement relationships that may reduce your raw material costs.

From Drafting to Production

Taking an idea or product from drafting to production can seem like a daunting process, but our expertise and understanding of your unique needs will make the process flow easier. For example, we will:

  1. Meet with the customer either in-person or virtually to get the requirements
  2. Draw the component(s) and obtain customer approval
  3. Provide drawings to the customer
  4. Make the prototype get approval and if necessary, go back to step 2
  5. Create tooling/fixturing as needed
  6. Begin production once approved by the customer

Tooling Ownership & Start-Up / Unique Ownership Opportunities

Our approach to working with startups and small businesses allows us to partner with our customers, easing the burden of “tooling up” in order to create parts. We offer flexible solutions to ownership of the tools; the customer can own the tooling, tooling can be paid off through generation of “X” number of parts, or Plas-Tech can own tooling. Each option will have part costs but will have an inverse effect on up-front costs.

what our customers have to say

How we Help Start-Up Businesses

The following testimonial from a material handling and process technology company is a summation of how we help startup businesses:

“I first met Dean and started working with his team at Plas-Tech in mid-2014. Plas-Tech was an existing key supplier for a product my team was acquiring. As a start-up, we had very few resources and relied on Plas-Tech for various components – injection molded plastics, machined and specialty fabricated parts, even part sourcing.

Dean’s industry knowledge, expansive network, and technical expertise helped our team grow in many ways, but in particular it’s been his team’s ability to react to rapid requests and changes with an unmatched level of urgency that keeps me coming back. Now with a new company, we’re leveraging his team in a brand-new industry, getting the same consistent results.

Dean and the team have a unique ability to make you feel like you’re their highest priority every time you call. The Plas-Tech team enables fast-paced product development through extreme rapid response and prototyping. All this while maintaining reliable and consistent production.

Many thanks to Dean and team at Plas-Tech Tooling!”

Call our experts today and learn how working with a premier production machining and plastic injection molding company will make your life easier and save you time and money!