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CAD Drafting

Industrial CAD Drafting Services

Making Your Ideas A Reality.

In today’s digital world, CAD drafting services play an essential role in the manufacturing process, and in fact, are every bit as important as the physical machining that occurs. Many of our large customers have their own internal Engineering or Drafting teams making models and drawings. This is not always possible for startups and small to mid-sized customers, so we offer our CAD services so they have the ability to operate at a higher level.

Our Experience

Plas-Tech provides you with quality and consistent CAD models and drawings.

Outsourcing CAD to the skilled drafters at Plas-Tech can eliminate significant upfront costs of purchasing and learning how to utilize the software. Although not all of our customers require the use of these services, CAD Drawings allow us to mutually agree upon the final part requirements and seamlessly move parts into production.

Plas-Tech also utilizes SOLIDWORKS to complement our other services. By using SOLIDWORKS, we develop a virtual 3D solid model from a customer concept or an idea allowing us to visualize how parts may look or even fit into an assembly before making anything. We create part drawings from the solid, which will eventually be used by our other teams to manufacture the part. Drawing parts before making them gives everyone a chance to review the design and eliminate costly errors that may only be found later in a project.

Additionally, these technical drawings are used by our Quality Department to ensure you get the highest quality parts.

This service is often used by maintenance departments to recreate broken or worn parts. It is also used by small businesses or startups that may not have a full drafting or engineering team.

Our drafting services team received training by SOLIDWORKS and we have a Training and Support Provider Certification which enhances our ability to provide better feedback in the design for manufacturability process.

Drafting Services

Our high-powered professional software toolbox offers solutions including:

  • SOLIDWORKS which is a prevalent 3D CAD design software that allows for development of sophisticated 3D models and simulations
  • DraftSight is a software program used for CAD conversions in a number of file formats for 2D drafting work as well as conversion services
  • MasterCAM software is used for programing complex 3D surfaces on parts to be machined and can dramatically reduce production times and manufacturing costs when compared to programing at a machine

Additionally, we have measurement equipment including a CMM, gauges, and other measurement equipment allowing us to reverse engineer products. We can recreate complex geometry which could not be measured with standard measurement tools. Once our team has a part, we can measure, draft, and duplicate the part. When using our drafting services to recreate a broken or worn part, you now have the opportunity to make improvements that OEM part that you would not have been able to do in the past. Providing this service in one location reduces time and minimizes the potential for errors.

If you provide 3D CAD files, our CAD drafters can review your product before spending the money to make it. We routinely review models for manufacturability as well as fitment and provide insight to your parts before manufacturing begins.

Designs done right

Drafting Conversions

We can create engineering drawings from solids and convert old drawings into SOLIDWORKS as needed. When asked, we will execute an NDA agreement to offer a higher level of protection for our customer’s information. In each case, the customer owns the drawings which means you have full access to them and there is never an additional charge to get any information we developed together once a project is completed.

Use our experience to provide design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback that can reduce your costs or reduce/eliminate future production issues whether we make it or not.

Call our experts today and learn how working with Plas-Tech Tooling’s CAD drafting services will improve your concept to production timeline saving you time and money!

Require Emergency Machining Services?

When your equipment breaks down, or another supplier isn’t able to provide your parts, we are here to get you back up and running quickly with our emergency machining services. We will work with your team to come up with a solution.

There is no minimum order quantity, no tooling or startup costs, just let us know what you need and we will get to work right away!

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