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Welding & Assembly

Welding & Assembly Services

Certified Welders, Quality Results.

In addition to CNC Machining, Plas-Tech offers the convenience of welding and assembly services to our customers. We can provide fully functional parts that allow your manufacturing processes to keep moving and eliminate the need to combine multiple parts. This reduces your logistical inputs to just one single purchase order by not having to find secondary suppliers or use internal capacity.

You can simplify your supply chain by shifting the risk to us which can provide you with several benefits including:

  • Eliminate the need to find a second, third or even fourth suppler
  • Not having to use your internal capacity
  • No longer worrying about finishing steps, like coatings

For example, if customer wanted to make this simple part (image), they’d have to:

  • Make or buy the pin, retainer, and grease zerk
  • Weld the retainer to pin
  • Heat-treat the weldment
  • Zinc Coat the weldment
  • Assemble the zerk to the weldment

Certified Welding

Our welding services, which are backed by performance-based certification through the American Welding Society (AWS), with an on-site MIG welding process team has the experience to do it right the first time. We have the ability to weld most carbon steels in-house and can work with trusted partners to complete any other project. Coupled with our quality assurance procedures which are part of our ISO 9001:2015 certified program, you can be sure your parts will meet specifications.

As previously stated, our goal is to help minimize the number of suppliers required by our customers. We provide you with a more finished product to reduce your workload and use our tooling & fixturing services to design and build weld and assembly fixtures in-house. This improves lead time and reduces cost to you.

Assembly, Kitting & Inventory Stocking

In addition to welding, other mechanical assembly services can use different types of hardware such as nuts, bolts, screws or other similar materials to assemble parts. Often using one or more parts manufactured here at Plas-Tech, we differ from other contract manufactures that will have to purchase each individual component.

For your convenience we can source fasteners and other components that may be needed in the final product. Coupling our fabrication and assembly services, you can reduce the headache of ordering multiple components and outside services down to a single purchase order line item.

Our kitting services can also simplify your supply chain by shifting the risk to us. In short, you can simplify your purchasing process by ordering a single “completed” part and allow us to manage the multiple components needed for the completed part.

Also, by specifying your packaging requirements up front, we can package items exactly how you want them. Add in the availability of returnable racking and we can ensure your parts are ready to be integrated into your line.

Finally, we can stock inventory for you; whether this is raw stock, based on forecasted demand or finished parts, we have you covered in every possible way.


A Case Study

Plas-Tech has a customer who is an OEM of hydraulic truck equipment and accessories. They were purchasing a casting as well as 2 additional outside operations of a particular component. We added the equipment needed to complete an additional honing operation and were able to provide them a complete part.

Additionally, we were able to purchase a casting and hold some inventory on-hand to ensure a steady supply of parts to our customer. In the end, the customer reviewed their total part cost and determined even though there was a slight price increase when only looking at the outsourced operations, they noticed an overall cost savings which included logistics and other non-value-added but necessary operations.

Contact us today and learn how Plas-Tech Tooling can be your single source machining, welding and assembly service company making your life easier and saving you time and money!