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Working with Engineers

Working With Engineers Is Part Of Our Daily Routine.

Whether for CNC machining or plastic injection molding, we partner with our customer’s engineers to help provide DFM (Design for Manufacturability) feedback with regards to part design, mold design, material selection, tolerancing, surface finishes and much more.

Design engineers are typically experts in their industry and we have manufacturing process experience producing parts across a variety of industries so together, we make a great team. This enables us to provide an end-product that meets or exceeds your goals.

You can also count on us to help with prototyping before you move into high volume production machining or the injection molding process. We also have established procedures for revisions and change management to ensure you get the most up to date functioning parts.

CAD Drafting Services

Plas-Tech Machining and Injection Molding also offers industrial CAD drafting services to support the engineering function of our customers. We have the ability to import or convert most 3D models, which saves you both time and money. Additionally, we can work off of a solid model without customer supplied prints and create new or updated prints as needed.

Our high-powered professional toolbox offers solutions which include the use of SOLIDWORKS, DraftSight and MasterCAM software. You can learn more about our drafting services here.

Machining & Plastic Injection Molding

In your quest to find the right material with the correct specifications for your project, you will find plastic suppliers pushing you toward the use of plastic and metal suppliers pushing you toward to use of metal. Our policy is to offer you guidance so you can make an informed decision and not try to “sell” you on anything such as using plastic over metal or vice versa.

There are pros and cons for each type of material and there is an overabundance of information available on the internet discussing things such as:

  • Which type of plastic or metal you should use
  • Use of plastics versus stainless steel or other metal either Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
  • Material property comparisons including mechanical, physical, thermal or electrical

We can assist you with material selection when you are designing your product. Additionally, we will talk with you about material form and function, what it looks like, what it is used for, color options and even how big or small the end product will be.

We are committed to providing our customers unbiased feedback when it comes to material selection. Additionally, dimensions and tolerances will come into play, each affecting the ultimate cost of your product.

Do you really need tight tolerances? For example, do you “need” +/-.1 or .001’’? Tight tolerances are generally more expensive because they require precision machinery & tooling, added processes and additional inspection and/or testing to maintain them. In short, the tighter the tolerance, the higher the price.

We use our experience to work with our customers to help them determine achievable tolerances with the lowest possible cost and also offer design for manufacturability suggestions. Ultimately, all of these decisions will affect lead time and project completion.

Call our experts today and learn how working with a premier production machining and plastic injection molding company will make your life easier and save you time and money!