About Plas-Tech Tooling Inc.

Plas-Tech Tooling was founded by Dean and Marcia Sonquist in 1993. In the beginning, Dean was the only employee and the business was housed in their garage. Plas-Tech Tooling was founded to do injection mold building and repair. This was a service that was not readily available to manufacturers in the Garner area. The business began offer services beyond injection mold building and moved to its present location in September 1996.

Today, Plas-Tech Tooling is a full-service machine shop and injection mold building/molding operation. We design and build high quality injection mold tools and have the capacity to mold finished parts.   Additionally we perform production machining of plastic and metal components, help guide customers through the research and development process, provide rapid prototypes and utilize CAD/CAM and SOLIDWORKS. Our QA and Reverse Engineering programs are enhanced through the use of our Hexagon Metrology Master 3D Gauge.

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